Sean Rayland

Hi, my name is Sean Rayland and I am the founder of Red Rebel Armour.

I am currently a student at Red River College studying Social Innovation and Community Development.

I work in the community as a Oshkaabaywis meaning helper in Anishinaabemowin for a local elder.

I am also a Housing Support Worker for an organization called Resource Assistance for Youth.

Having been involved with Criminal Justice System myself, I know what it takes to break the cycle.

Changing my life has been a blessing however, I know there is still more work to do.

Jaylee Govereau

Hi, I am Jaylee Govereau the Social Media Manager for Red Rebel Armour.

I currently work as an Educational Assistant for a program called Head Start at the Aboriginal Health and Wellness Center.

For a long time, I worked as a Recreational Technician at the Magnus Eliason Recreational Center for the City of Winnipeg.

I have an understanding of the Child Welfare System because I was a permanent ward of CFS.

My mission is to inspire the next generation to dismantle these systems and become the best version of yourself.