Sean Rayland

Hi, my name is Sean Rayland and I am the founder of Red Rebel Armour.

I am currently a student at Red River College studying Social Innovation and Community Development.

I work in the community as a Oshkaabaywis meaning helper in Anishinaabemowin for a local elder.

I am also a Housing Support Worker for an organization called Resource Assistance for Youth.

Having been involved with Criminal Justice System myself, I know what it takes to break the cycle.

Changing my life has been a blessing however, I know there is still more work to do.

Jaylee Govereau

Hi, I am Jaylee Govereau the Social Media Manager for Red Rebel Armour.

I currently work as an Educational Assistant for a program called Head Start at the Aboriginal Health and Wellness Center.

For a long time, I worked as a Recreational Technician at the Magnus Eliason Recreational Center for the City of Winnipeg.

I have an understanding of the Child Welfare System because I was a permanent ward of CFS.

My mission is to inspire the next generation to dismantle these systems and become the best version of yourself.

Kale Bonham

Hi, my name is Kale Bonham or Meeko Meece Mitigoon (Ice CoveredForest), and I am the Creative Director at Red Rebel Armour.

I am originally from the north end of Winnipeg, and I currently live in San Jose, California where I am a tattoo apprentice.

For 8 years I was a teacher at Niji Mahkwa School and taught art at Argyle Alternative High School. It was an honor to spend time with the children I met during this time and always have them in mind when creating art.