Mission & Vision


Red Rebel Armour is on a mission to bring you some fresh and boozhii Indigenized streetwear designed in the spirit of truth and reconciliation, culture reclamation, social justice, and inter-generational healing.


Red Rebel Armour is on a vision quest to achieve a quadruple bottom-line, people, planet, organization, and profit.

We are working towards this vision by employing Indigenous youth through our culturally sensitive work placement, adopting lean management practices to use less energy and waste, approaching organizational health and well being through Anishinaabe teachings, and creating economic empowerment because the more we have the more we can give.

Core Values


The teaching of honesty is represented by the Sabe, or Bigfoot and we bring it into our organization as authenticity. It means to be who you are plain and simple and fight for what you believe in.


The teaching of wisdom is represented by the Beaver, and we bring it into our organization as creativity. We use our gift of creativity to create social impacts and give voice to our cause and culture.


The teaching of truth is represented by the Turtle, and we bring it into our organization as the foundation for all that we do. This means we stay true to our mission and vision.