Social Purpose

Red Rebel Armour was founded on Oct 2019 by Sean Rayland, an ex-gang member turned community leader.

Rayland believes Indigenous youth experiencing the criminal justice system have value, and the power to transform their lives, families, and communities.

With this belief in mind, Red Rebel Armour designed a culturally appropriate work-placement for Indigenous youth ages 15 – 29 who are experiencing the criminal justice system.

Red Rebel Armour‘s recidivism strategy is to reduce barriers to employment by providing access to employment and culture, in a culturally appropriate work placement.

Because we want to provide an alternative to going back to self-destruction. We don’t care if you have a criminal record, are gang affiliated, and have face tattoos we want you to be a part of our team.

Our North Star is to have these youth become a part of our team which means gaining a sense of identity, belonging to a community, and putting food on the table.