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Who We Are


Hi, my real name is Nii Bow Wii Sabe (Standing Sasquatch Man) and my given name is Sean Rayland. I'm the founder of Red Rebel Armour and I'm proud to say I'm no longer controlled by drugs or alcohol. I created this brand to empower others to overcome their challenges with substance abuse.

I'm an Anishinaabe man from Sagkeeng First Nation and I hold the seven teachings dear to my heart. My recovery wouldn't be possible if I didn't reconnect with my culture.

While on my path to recovery I learned an inconvenient truth. My soul was lost and my heart was broken. I've been through many challenges searching for my identity. I surrounded myself with people who I thought would have my back but when the drugs, alcohol and money were gone so were they.

As I continued on my journey I realized there was stigma surrounding sobriety. I felt like I was being ostracized for wanting to live a healthier life. However, I didn't let that stop me I just saw it as another challenge I needed to overcome.

The idea for the brand came to me when I couldn't find an article of clothing that represented what I stood for. So I decided to develop something that reflected my values and beliefs. I learned how to screen print, graphic design and make a website. From there I combined my life experience with my culture and created designs that would carry my message of sobriety, community and spirituality.

All in all, this how we came to be and I would be more than happy to share my full story with you. Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail or give me a call I have our phone number in the footer.


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