Red Rebel Armour's logo is a "Mikanaak" which means Turtle in Anishinaabemowin.

The "Turtle" or "Mikanaak" represents the teaching of truth in our seven sacred laws as Anishinaabe people.

The Meaning

We wanted our brand to be represented by something we share with our customers, so we chose truth because it embodies courage, liberation, and empowerment. - Sean Rayland - Boubar



The teaching of honesty is represented by the Sabe, or Bigfoot and we bring it into our organization as authenticity. It means to be who you are plain and simple and fight for what you believe in.


The teaching of wisdom is represented by the Beaver, and we bring it into our organization as creativity. We use our gift of creativity to create social impacts and give voice to our cause and culture.


The teaching of truth is represented by the Turtle, and we bring it into our organization as the foundation for all that we do. This means we stay true to our mission and vision.

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