Brand Concept

Red Rebel Armour is an Indigenous streetwear brand combining Anishinaabe and streetwear culture to form a social enterprise. 

The brand blends contemporary fashion with Indigenous aesthetics, creating a signature and powerful style that celebrates Indigenous identity, resilience, and pride.

Brand Mission:

Our mission is to empower Indigenous people by showcasing our art, stories, and symbols through fashionable streetwear. 

Red Rebel Armour strives to foster cultural appreciation, promote social justice, and create a platform for Indigenous voices and narratives to be heard and celebrated.

Brand Vision:

At Red Rebel Armour, we are dedicated to creating positive change within Indigenous communities by combining streetwear fashion with social enterprise. 

Our vision is to provide meaningful employment opportunities for individuals who have reentered society after involvement with the criminal justice system by creating a community-based employment service while promoting Indigenous culture and raising awareness about the challenges faced by Indigenous peoples.

Target Audience:

Red Rebel Armour's target audience consists of individuals who appreciate and support Indigenous cultures, as well as those who seek to incorporate unique, meaningful, and culturally conscious fashion into their style. We connect with people of diverse backgrounds who value authenticity, social responsibility, and artistic expression.

Product Range:

Red Rebel Armour offers a diverse range of clothing and accessories that incorporate Anishinaabe and street culture designs and motifs. The product line includes:

  1. T-Shirts and Hoodies: High-quality, comfortable streetwear featuring bold and intricate Indigenous artwork, patterns, and symbols.
  1. Headwear: Caps, beanies, and hats that showcase Indigenous motifs and embroidery, providing a distinct and stylish addition to any outfit.
  1. Outerwear: Jackets and coats that fuse traditional Indigenous elements with contemporary urban fashion, incorporating unique prints, patterns, or beadwork.
  1. Accessories: Statement jewelry, bags, wallets, and scarves that reflect Indigenous craftsmanship and traditions, providing a touch of cultural authenticity to everyday accessories. (Coming Soon)
  1. Collaborations: Red Rebel Armour actively seeks collaborations with Indigenous artists, designers, and activists to create limited-edition collections that further amplify Indigenous voices and create economic opportunities within Indigenous communities.

Brand Values:

- Cultural Preservation: Red Rebel Armour is committed to honoring and preserving Indigenous cultures by incorporating traditional designs, techniques, and symbols in a contemporary context.

- Community Empowerment: The brand actively supports Indigenous communities by fostering economic growth, promoting fair trade practices, and reinvesting profits into initiatives that uplift Indigenous individuals and communities.

- Social Justice: Red Rebel Armour uses its platform to raise awareness about Indigenous rights, advocate for social justice, and challenge stereotypes and discrimination faced by Indigenous peoples.

- Environmental Consciousness: The brand prioritizes sustainability by using eco-friendly materials, minimizing waste, and supporting ethical manufacturing practices that respect the environment.

Overall, Red Rebel Armour seeks to make a positive impact by promoting cultural appreciation, supporting Indigenous communities, and inspiring individuals to embrace the beauty and resilience of Indigenous cultures through fashion.