About Us

Red Rebel Armour is an Indigenized streetwear brand on a vision quest to achieve a quadruple bottom line and we promote culture reclamation, reconciliation, and inter-generational healing through our designs and brand voice.

The challenges Indigenous youth experiencing the criminal justice system face are profound and heartbreaking something must be done to stop the next generation of Indigenous youth from becoming swallowed up by the justice system. If we do not act now the impacts will be devastating not only for the youth but society.

Red Rebel Armour is committed to Indigenous youth experiencing the criminal justice system by providing culture and employment opportunities to design and create inspiring Indigenized streetwear to awaken the warrior within.

Through personal experience and research, we know Indigenous youth experiencing the criminal justice system possess high income skills in sales, marketing, production, and design. It is not about teaching them entirely new skills but building on existing skills to help them realize their gifts, strengths, and valuable experience.

Additionally, Red Rebel Armour prints all its garments in house so every item you receive is authentically Indigenous, fresh off the press, and shipped super-fast. We also source our garments and materials from companies that adhere to strict eco-friendly and ethical guidelines. We believe it is important for us to do our part in taking care of Mama Aki (Mother Earth).