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About Us


Hi, my name is Sean Rayland, and I’m the founder of Red Rebel Armour. RRA was created to share my story of healing and resilience, so it could help others like me to overcome their adversities.

I grew up in the inner-city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where I witnessed and endured cycles of abuse, addiction, social injustice, crime, intergenerational trauma, and poverty. To me, this was normal, and I didn’t know or realize that I was living in a cycle of oppression and self-destruction.

It wasn’t until I reconnected with my culture, learned of my identity and the history of my people that I finally became aware of the cycles I was living. It’s ironic because the destructive path I once embraced led me to and reinforces the constructive journey I’m on today.

With that being said, RRA is a culmination of tragedy to triumph, resilience, and culture upon which we articulate through our voice, brand, and designs.


Sean Rayland

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