Wahbanung Employment Service

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The Wahbanung Employment Service (WEC) is a specialized employment service designed to support Indigenous individuals who are reentering their communities after involvement with the criminal justice system. WEC aims to provide meaningful employment opportunities, skills development, and community support to facilitate successful reintegration and reduce recidivism rates among Indigenous populations.


The mission of WEC is to empower Indigenous individuals to reintegrate into their communities by offering employment services tailored to their unique needs. By providing culturally sensitive support, skill-building opportunities, and sustainable employment options, WEC strives to promote healing, restore dignity, and enhance the overall well-being of Indigenous community members.

Services Offered:

  1. Employment Counseling and Case Management:

WEC offers individualized employment counseling and case management services to help Indigenous individuals identify their skills, interests, and employment goals. Dedicated case managers work closely with participants to develop personalized reintegration plans, including assessing their strengths, addressing barriers to employment, and providing guidance throughout the process.

  1. Job Skills Training and Development:

WEC collaborates with local organizations, educational institutions, and employers to offer comprehensive job skills training programs. These programs focus on both technical and soft skills, aiming to equip participants with the necessary tools to secure employment in various fields. Cultural competency training is also provided to enhance understanding and appreciation of Indigenous traditions and values.

  1. Job Placement and Vocational Support:

WEC maintains partnerships with a network of employers committed to supporting the reintegration of Indigenous individuals. The service assists participants in securing suitable employment opportunities aligned with their skills, interests, and personal circumstances. Job placement support includes resume building, interview preparation, and ongoing vocational support to ensure successful employment outcomes.

  1. Mentorship and Community Support:

WEC recognizes the importance of community connections and cultural support systems in the reintegration process. The service facilitates mentorship programs, where experienced community members act as mentors to provide guidance, encouragement, and valuable insights to participants. Additionally, WEC organizes workshops, cultural events, and support groups to foster a sense of belonging and community empowerment.

  1. Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment Opportunities:

Recognizing the entrepreneurial spirit within Indigenous communities, WEC offers resources and support to individuals interested in starting their own businesses or pursuing self-employment ventures. This includes business development workshops, access to micro-loans, and mentorship from successful Indigenous entrepreneurs.

  1. Advocacy and Policy Development:

WEC actively engages with stakeholders, policymakers, and Indigenous community leaders to advocate for systemic changes that promote the successful reintegration of individuals within the criminal justice system. The service contributes to the development of policies and programs that address the unique challenges faced by Indigenous communities and individuals during the reintegration process.


The Wahbanung Employment Service (WEC) serves as a vital support system for Indigenous individuals seeking to reintegrate into their communities after involvement with the criminal justice system. By providing comprehensive employment services, fostering cultural connections, and advocating for systemic change, WEC aims to contribute to the healing, empowerment, and overall well-being of Indigenous communities.