Three Sisters Hoodie



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Makade Black

Three Sisters Hoodie


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Makade Black
Meaning Behind The Design

Did you know?

Corn, beans and squash, known as the Three Sisters, is a well-balanced, nutritious diet which is why these crops are so significant for our people and later the settlers.

Corn is an excellent source of carbohydrates, beans are high in protein, and squash has many vitamins and minerals.

Over three centuries before Thanksgiving, the Iroquois have grown the Three Sisters!

Essentially, the corn becomes a pole up which the beans can climb, and the bean vines stabilize the corn so it does not blow over in windy conditions.

The beans are a type of legume, and bacteria on the roots of legumes take nitrogen found in the air and soil and make it usable for crops, also known as “fixing” nitrogen.

The squash plants produce large leaves that shade all three plants, protecting them from weeds and keeping the soil cool and moist.

Additionally, spiky squash plants keep predators like raccoons and other rodents at bay, guarding bean and corn plants as well.

Written by Sean Rayland

Art by, Kale Bonham

✅ High-quality materials and beautiful designs. Comfortable, durable, and always looks stylish.

✅ Get the best of both worlds: high-quality clothes that look stylish and mean something to you.

✅ Designed for everyday wear to make you feel confident.

✅ More than just clothes, Red Rebel Armour spreads culture.

Hoodie Features

  • We use high-quality eco-friendly ink to print our designs and ensure that each piece is soft, comfortable, and a true fit.

  • Each piece of clothing tells a story, with artwork printed on our fabrics representing the ceremony of life.

  • It's stylish enough for the office, school, restaurants and ceremonies.

  • Our personal favourite place to visit is the couch though, we love lounging around with the fam jam because they're that comfortable.


  • The hoodie is made up of a mix of cotton and polyester fibres, a kangaroo hand pocket, rib on cuffs and waistband, and a two-ply hood with drawcords.
  • 70% SoftLume combed and ring-spun cotton,
  • 30% polyester fleece - with 100% SoftLume combed and ring-spun cotton-face
  • 32 single
  • 8.25 oz

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Three Sister Hoodie!

    The design is beautiful and the sweater itself is very comfortable and the quality is great!

    Elsie Ann Hogue
    Love this artwork!

    Gave this as a gift to my sister (we are number two and three of Three Sisters) She loves it!

    Elizabeth Cronk
    Three sisters hoodies

    The hoodies is excellent quality and super warm. I love the design :)

    Hope Mckau
    Loving this sweater

    I love the design and of course the fabric
    The design caught my eye and peaked my curiosity ❤️🖤🤍💛


    Each Piece Tells A Story

    High-Quality Materials and Beautiful Designs.

    Comfortable, durable, and always looks stylish.

    Get The Best of Both Worlds:

    High-quality clothes that look stylish and mean something to you.

    Designed For Everyday Wear

    To make you feel confident.

    ✅ More Than Just Clothes

    Red Rebel Armour spreads culture.


    Designed and produced by Indigenous artists


    We use ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials

    Made to Order

    Allows us to reduce waste

    Social Good

    Your purchase helps reduce recidivism
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