The Problem

According to Statistics Canada, both Manitoba and Saskatchewan have the highest rates of Indigenous adults incarcerated, accounting for 75% of all admissions to jails in both provinces.

There are two sides to the story:

Over-incarceration costs too much with over $100k spent per year to house a federal inmate, it's destroying families and communities and is about punishment not healing.

The other side is the barriers that exist for an Indigenous person being released from prison. They are compounded and invisible which include intergenerational trauma, addictions, lower-level of education, no ids, no transportation, racism, no sense of identity, no family, colonization, and poverty.

What's a person to do when they can't healthily provide for themselves because of all the barriers they face? They most likely end up back in prison, so this cycle has to end.

The Solution

Red Rebel Armour’s approach to reducing recidivism is knowledge-based and is not about teaching our relatives entirely new skills but building on existing skills to help our relatives realize their gifts, strengths, and valuable experience through on-the-job paid training in a culturally safe work environment.

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